why yet another cryptocurrency?

Bitcoin has failed as a decentralized cryptocurrency. Mining is dominated by a single company, Bitmain. All the excessive energy for mining is wasted in vain as decentralization is the sole purpose of PoW. Other cryptocurrencies using PoW are doomed to meet the same fate.

xPoS still struggles to be accepted as a sound consensus mechanism. Big xPoS currencies like cardano are still centralized.

Bitcoin also has become a target of heavy speculation and early adopters got rich. Its deflationary nature benefits the wealthy. No cryptocurrency so far has successfully implemented a monetary policy that adapts to adoption. Instead of rewarding early investors, encointer can become a universal basic income.

Private transactions are still an expert feature and there is still no GDPR-compliant smart contract solution out there.

So here we are, proposing a novel approach to reach an ecological, egalitarian and private cryptocurrency and self-sovereign identity system