Money doesn’t grow on trees…
but it can grow through an app.

We tend to believe that money is something bigger than us – part of a complex, impersonal system called “the economy”. But you can take back control. Local currencies are a proven way to boost a local economy, and Encointer has a new, simple platform to put that power in your hands.

A digital community currency can lift up an entire neighborhood, putting more money in everyone’s hands and keeping it circulating locally. Encointer hands control back to the people – you can circulate your own money, with your own rules, to increase local spending and earnings.

Participants receive an allocation each month for free that must be spent locally. Businesses get new customers and a little shine to their reputation. Everybody gets to be part of making the community a bit better. It’s all done with just an app, and regular meetings to prove you’re a person. 

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