The Encointer Book is an online documentation covering economics, decentralization, software-design and tutorials


The encointer whitepaper is a technical in-depth article covering the fundamental innovations of encointer:

encointer whitepaper


Towards a Decentralized Global Universal Basic Income

In this post I’d like to explain how local cryptocurrencies can make a global unconditional basic income happen and how Encointer solves the technical and economical challenges involved. Finally, I’ll give you a brief overview on what you can already do with our recently launched testnet Gesell today. A few years ago I was traveling …

Testnet Cantillon gets supported by web3 foundation

We are excited to announce the upcoming first Encointer testnet called “Cantillon”. It is named after Richard Cantillon, the economist who first described the effect of monetary expansion on inequality around the year 1730. For the development of this first testnet, Encointer got a grant from the web3 foundation. By mid-2020 this testnet shall go …

talking about encointer at podcast

Listen to Alain and Joe discussing the key concepts of encointer and its privacy solution SubstraTEE A few conceptual details have been reworked since this podcast has been recorded (see the newest version of the whitepaper) Meetup locations are predetermined for each local currency by the initiators of the currency. This way each community …