Encointer is a fundamental redesign of money. Based on the principle of equal opportunity every human gets a universal basic income and a digital ID without relying on a central authority.

Encointer combines the ideas of sovereign money, demurrage and local community currencies and applies blockchain technology to create the local money of tomorrow.

How such a proof-of-personhood meetup looks like:

Project Status

Encointer is in the prototyping phase. You can already play with our testnets and mobile phone app. We are looking for pilot communities that would like to test the platform in real and issue their own money to boost their local economy and mitigate inequality.


The Encointer Book is an online documentation covering economics, decentralization, software-design and tutorials


The encointer whitepaper is a technical in-depth article covering the fundamental innovations of encointer:

encointer whitepaper


Encointer About to Launch on Kusama and Bootstrap First Community

If you have been following the Encointer Project, you may have noticed that communications fell silent for a while. Unfortunately, as Encointer requires physical meetups with random people, the COVID-19 pandemic caused delays. However, we kept making progress nevertheless and now that restrictions have eased somewhat, we would like to share some big news with …

Development Update

Encointer Testnet Gesell had suffered from a variety of little issues that were caused by an outdated dependency on substrate. Yesterday, Gesell has been restarted with its code based on substrate 2.0.0. Our new release 0.3.6 has been successfully tested with a community of 12’000 bot participants claiming an UBI and performing ceremony meetups at …