Development Update

Encointer Testnet Gesell had suffered from a variety of little issues that were caused by an outdated dependency on substrate. Yesterday, Gesell has been restarted with its code based on substrate 2.0.0.

Our new release 0.3.6 has been successfully tested with a community of 12’000 bot participants claiming an UBI and performing ceremony meetups at 1’000 locations. We do aim higher, of course, but this benchmark reassures us that the blockchain tech is ready for pilots. It also confirms our choice for the substrate framework.

Moreover, our mobile app has seen some updates and is now available on:

Get it on F-Droid

Get it on Google Play

..and will soon be available for iOS too. Make sure you read our instructions on how to use the app. Not entirely self-explaining yet.

We’re also very pleased that the Polkadot treasury has funded our development work for implementing an Encointer parachain that will enable the use of encointer’s self-soverign identity on other parachains on Polkadot and Kusama.

Our privacy and scalability tech SubstraTEE has also been funded by the Polkadot treasury to work towards massive scalability through TEE-validated sharded sidechains. Thanks to this project, Encointer communities will be able to do thousands of payments per second per community with cash-like privacy.

We’re looking forward to the road ahead.

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