How to Claim Your Encointer NFT From Polkadot Decoded

Encointer_How to Claim Your Encointer NFT From Polkadot Decoded

Did you participate in our demo at Polkadot Decoded 2022? Then read on to find out how to claim your exclusive commemorative NFT.

On June 29th, it was our pleasure to present Encointer at Polkadot Decoded 2022 in Berlin and Buenos Aires. At the talks, we explained the idea behind proof-of-personhood, and described how this simple concept can be harnessed to create digital community currencies. In addition, we demonstrated proof-of-personhood live at the events and it was highly encouraging and inspiring to hear the positive feedback and ideas from attendees. As a small token of our appreciation, we are offering unique NFTs to everyone who took part. 


How to claim

The NFTs are issued on Statemine and created by the Zurich-based generative artist and programmer pifragile. If you participated in either of our Polkadot Decoded events to attest your personhood, simply follow the 3 steps below to claim your exclusive NFT.

  1. Access your mnemonic phrase: In the Encointer App, click the accounts icon on the bottom-right of the footer menu. Tap on the icon for your account, select the 3-dots menu opposite “Share Account”, and tap “export”. Enter your PIN and you will receive your mnemonic phrase.
    encointer_Access your mnemonic phrase

  2. Import your phrase: Go to the Polkadot.js browser extension and click on the orange “+” sign. Select “Import account from pre-existing seed” and enter the mnemonic phrase you received in Step 1. Choose a name and password and click on the orange button at the bottom to add the account.

    Encointer_Import account

  3. Claim your NFT: Navigate to the Statemine NFT explorer of your choice, i.e. the Singular web app. Click on the account icon in the header menu and click “Select account”. Now simply connect the Polkadot account you imported in Step 2 to claim your exclusive NFT.

    Encointer_Statemint NFT

That’s it – enjoy your NFT. We would like to thank everyone who participated at Polkadot Decoded and made it such a memorable occasion. To stay up to date with Encointer and the progress of our community currencies, make sure to follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Subsocial

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